Philips Air Fryer Reviews


Dieting and exercising have become the new trend in the health conscious section of the society we live in. Everyone wants to cut on the calories and flaunt not just the slim bodies that every magazine endorses but also adopt a healthier and fitter lifestyle. The food we consume is one of the pillars on which our health rests and one factor which plays a vital role is the method of cooking adopted. For those who are clueless about the healthier techniques of cooking, there is quite an easy way out. The markets are replete with many kitchen appliances which serve the purpose of making the art of cooking easier. Among these are also a few appliances which come with in-built methods to facilitate healthier cooking. One such example happens to be the latest Philips air fryer.


An air fryer is a device that uses a hot air circulation technique to cook the food and produces flavorsome crisps that can easily compare to normally fried crisps. Several delicacies like potato chips, chicken, pastries and fish can be fried in this and the best part is, one can save up to 80% oil than a regular fryer. Temperature and time knobs can be used to increase precision levels for connoisseurs who prefer an exact texture and flavor. A Philips air fryer is among the best in the market, known for key features like an inbuilt timer, a working temperature of 80-200 degrees Celsius and an ample 800g food capacity. It can also be washed using a dishwasher and most importantly, the chips it produces are known to have an exemplary taste.

There are many Philips air fryer reviews which sing praise of this product but they also highlight a few negatives like limited capacity, non-versatility and a slightly heavy dent on one’s wallet. The controls are easy and user-friendly and the appliance is light and compact. However, one cannot check the status of the cooked item as there is no provision for the same. The fryer comes with recipes for wedges, spring rolls, etc. and chips take as little as 20 minutes. With an attractive design, the only aesthetic negative is a slightly protruding cord storage at the back.


Scoring an impressive average score of 4 stars out of 5, the main focus of this appliance is to produce healthy chips while not compromising on taste. For those who place heavy importance on these two factors, this is the perfect air fryer for you!

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Benefits Of Using Water Softeners


Hard water is not only rough on your body, but also tough on your washable fabrics, glassware, silverware, and dishes. Water is referred to as hard water when it contains a high level of magnesium and calcium. Hard water can result in a number of household problems such as clogging of your pipes and also make it hard for soap and detergents to dissolve in water, in addition to leaving behind water spots.

A scale buildup inside pipes and other water appliances such as water heaters can reduce their efficiency, thus escalating energy costs as a result of increased energy consumption. Additionally, washing your skin in hard water leaves it feeling dry and scratchy as a result of soap scum.

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Nevertheless, on a brighter side, there is a wide array of water softeners that act as the ideal solution to all your hard water related problems.

A water softener is a unit that helps to soften hard water by getting rid of the minerals that make the water hard. They work by dissolving these minerals such as magnesium, iron, calcium and manganese through a process referred to as ion exchange. Since such minerals cannot be trapped in a filter bed, some water softeners comprise resin beads on which sodium is attached. This aids in attracting dissolved minerals to the resin as the water enters the tank by pulling them from the water and remain attached to the resin while at the same time sodium gets released into the water.

You can choose one of the varying types and brands of water softeners in the market based on your preference and budget. In order to make the best choice, it is advisable to refer to online water softener reviews from different customers so as to choose the type or brand that best suits your water softening needs.

All the same, irrespective of the brand, make or the cost of a water softener, there is no doubt that these units play an important role in enhancing protection against various hard water related problems posed to your household. Discussed below are some of the benefits of water softeners;

By softening hard water, it will make soaps and shampoo lather more easily, thus making your skin and hair soft with the hair feeling silkier. Your dishes will also be much cleaner and sparkling as soft water will make it easy to clean them in addition to your dishes, glassware, and silverware for a spotless look.

Soft water makes your fabric’s colors brighter and whiter whites. This is because they tend to be free of hard water minerals that bring about dingy buildup over time. This makes the fabrics softer and brighter.

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Water softeners can help to preserve the life of home appliances and enhance their durability. This is because they minimize the buildup of hard water deposits in washing machines, coffee makers and water heaters among others. Additionally, water softeners enhance less housework by getting rid of the minerals that bring about lime scale buildup and soap scum on bathroom fixtures, kitchen sinks, and shower walls.

Home appliances are therefore able to operate more efficiently as they are free of hard water deposits and buildup which saves energy, resulting in minimal energy costs.

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Nitty-Gritties Of Search Engine Optimization (SEO)


Everyone uses internet in this day and age. And before we realize it, we become dependent on search engines. Whatever be the task, the first thing to do is to search it on Google or Yahoo. And then we take it for granted. For instance, you want to order a cake online. What do you do? Simple! You search for bakeries in your area that take orders online and order it. That’s it. Now, let’s think about it a bit more. Why did you select that particular bakery? Sure, it was shown at the top in search results and might be good. But how did it get at the top? Of course, we aren’t talking about the advertised websites.

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This takes us to Search Engine Optimization (SEO). So, what is SEO?Search engines collect information about pages across the internet and store it on their servers. Now whenever a user searches for something, they use their algorithms to display appropriate web pages relating to the search query. So back to the original question, how does a website get at the top of search results? Search engines have certain principles for showing the search results, that is to say, they take into account certain factors. Now if a website complies with these factors, it gets a higher rating from the search engine’s perspective. Which means if a website can incorporate these elements, it would become more visible and ultimately, accessible to the users. The entire process of tweaking a website to contain these elements, making the website more visible in the search engine’s unpaid results is known as Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

So, what are these factors then? The major known factors that search engines take into account are keywords, heading, links and reputation. Keywords are critical for a search result. In the earlier instance, let’s say you search for ‘order cake online’. Now, of the enormous information stored in their servers, search engines will show only the web pages containing these words. Having proper keywords on a webpage is very crucial as this step narrows the results immensely. Next, heading matters a lot. Every webpage on the internet has a heading. The heading can often summarize the contents of the webpage. So search engines pay a lot of attention to headings.

Next up are the links between different webpages. While browsing the web, we often come across reference or recommendation links to various websites. A webpage with lots of links directed towards it may be considered as a good webpage by the search engine. But, some websites can try to fool the search engine by creating or buying phoney links all over the web. Search engines can detect this and in turn accommodate it by giving more weightage to links from trustworthy websites. These trustworthy websites have good reputations. Websites that have fresh content and have growing links from positive sources are rated better and are considered reputable by the search engine.

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Now that the nitty-gritties are taken care of, we realise that SEO isn’t as easy a task as our initial impressions. Good SEO means that the website has appropriately incorporated the elements in their already great content. seo toronto,by no means, supplicates the websites to solely focus on these elements and totally forego their original content.

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